I saw the Barça fans angrier than I’ve ever seen before. They’re usually reserved. They go to Camp Nou to see a spectacle. The players said before: ‘We’re going to win this game, we have to win it’. It was strange that they only threw the pig’s head; I thought they might throw the whole pig!

Luis Enrique, about the pig’s head game aka Figo’s favorite game (via luchosswag)

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In Pepe’s eyes, I’m not a human. He called me a ‘macaco’ (‘monkey’ in Portugese) during my time at Barca, and then he spat at me. I said to myself: ‘This man is not worth anything’. I did not speak publicly about this because he has no value. I didn’t want to shake his hand in the friendly and I said this before to Mehdi Benatia. He went behind me and he spat at me. I had a bottle of water and I threw it at him and then all the other players came. The ‘blancos’ (Real Madrid players) wanted to hit me. It’s true that I displayed a bad image and I apologize, but it’s unacceptable that a man can spit. I’m not a saint, but I respect people. I will not argue with those who do not regard me as a human being, he has displayed unacceptable behavior. Is racism widespread in football? No, we shouldn’t generalize. I’m African and I’ve played in Europe for years. I’ve been able to deal with wonderful people. It’s just a minority.
Keita on the incident with Pepe (via cescfabregas)

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I think Cesc has realised that it’s better to be with us than against us.
Didier Drogba


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my favourite #AskRF answers

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Més que un club

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Dante has a heart for goalkeepers ► Goalkeepers are always so far from goal celebrations. But Bayern’s star defender Dante wants to celebrate his goals with everyone, so he runs all the way back to Manuel Neuer just to share some of the fun with him.

Dante has his priorities right

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fcbarcelonaXavi is the photographer! Tomorrow, another player will be showing off his photography skills


fcbarcelonaXavi is the photographer! Tomorrow, another player will be showing off his photography skills

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aubameyangpe Do you remember?? What you do with your mouth 😆😂😂😂 #play4 #fifa14 #mr11 #pea17

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Behind the Scenes of ‘Wettkampf’ [x]

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What Gareth Bale really thinks


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Oscar + smile (asked by anonymous)

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disrespect my favourite player and you disrespect me

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